How to choose bridesmaid’s dresses ?

    Ideally, the bridesmaid's dress should be the same as those of the other five witnesses, but finding the same dressed women is not a simple matter. And, in general, to hope that the same dress will sit on all your girlfriends the same is ok. But in reality everything can be different. And today we just want to emphasize that identical outfits are not always necessary and this is not always an ideal option. In addition, do not forget that a wedding is almost the only occasion, when you do not have to deny yourself a sweep and chic. Well, when else, if not on the most beautiful and happy day?

    The main wedding axiom states: no one and nothing should eclipse the bride on her most important day. That's why the total white weddings are so popular with us on the pictures. But in reality we rarely agree that both the bride and the girlfriends should be dressed in the same solemn color. The same goes for too bright dresses, outfits with too much decor. In short, all those dresses which, again, potentially can distract attention from the beautiful bride. And if we already wrote about the wedding in pure white, now we want to draw your attention to the fact that the bright dress of the bridesmaids, with stones, beads, embroidery and paillettes, will emphasize the solemnity of the wedding ceremony rather than spoil it.

    Whether the main color of your wedding is blue, yellow, purple or pink, the bridesmaids' outfits are the first point on which this rule is bound to reflect. But this does not mean that you have to break your head or knock down all your knees in search of exactly the same or the most similar shapes and shades. Therefore – you should chose a completely different way: for example, if the leading color is lilac, collect four or five outfits from light purple to dark purple. If the main color is orange, put your girlfriends in dresses from bright yellow to brick shade. Let all the outfits be of different cuts - from short to floor-length (long bridesmaids dresses), from full to narrow, flowing; From an open, with a deep neckline to a laconic with long sleeves. For clarity, be sure to collect your girlfriends together and ask them to try on completely different dresses in one color palette.

    This is the case when the word "modesty" needs to be put in a deep box, closed with a key, and the key thrown out until the wedding day passes. Our talented designer of dresses for the bridesmaid brings to life the incredible outfits that fascinate at a glance. Call and order the best dress for the bridesmaid, do not waste time!

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