Cocktail Dresses

    Nowadays, short cocktail dresses are already become classics. Yes, we are talking about the famous short cocktail dress. And this legend makes this kind of clothing so precise its universality. After all, woman can wear at any event: for a corporate party, restaurant or theater. There, where you do not need a strict evening dress code. We offer you the latest updates of black cocktail dresses of 2017-2018.


    What kind of cocktail dress should be?

    You still do not know how to choose black cocktail dresses to fit you? Then this article is for you! To make you irresistible, we recommend you to follow a few tips:

    • Length. The length of this outfit must be exactly to the knees. The maximum allowable deviation is the palm length. However, recently, designers produce whole collections of cocktail dresses without adhering to this rule.

    • Style. Ironically, there are no restrictions. Cocktail evening dress can be tight or full. The dress can also have an overstated or understated waist. Nowadays the cocktail dresses in the style of the fifties (with an accentuated waist and a full skirt) are especially popular.

    • Color. there are also no restrictions. But still the most ardent fashionistas prefer to pay tribute to the classics and choose cocktail dresses in the style of Coco Chanel - black, usually laconic straight style. There is one small rule, and if you want to look perfect - you can also take it into account - cocktail dresses can be darker or lighter, depending on the season. In summer, light colors are preferable, in winter - darker.

    • And one more, perhaps the main rule - cocktail dress should fit you. For this, consult with our specialists - they will appriciate you with a professional look and recommend a certain color or style.

    The cocktail dress of 2017

    Designer Nataliya creates cocktail dresses that will fit any woman and emphasize all her dignity. We offer a large selection of cocktail dresses for the new 2017 season. You will find pictures of available cocktail gowns with prices on our web-site.

    Becoming irresistible at the social event is the goal of any women. And our salon aims to help you to rich this goal, cocktail gowns for women.


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