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    Designer’s Maxi Dresses

    For many centuries maxi dresses were the basis of the women's wardrobe. Gradual development of fashion brought a lot of options for women's clothing and long dresses went to the second or even third place. And we do very disappointed regarding that. After all, this outfit emphasizes femininity and elegance. And the models themselves amaze with their diversity and sophistication. "Nataliya Couture" is a store full of maxi dresses, where you can choose a long dress of any style, color and shape. The maxi dress designer creates unique products that cannot be left without attention.

    What are the maxi dresses?

    • The A-line dress diverges downward from the waist or chest and resembles the letter A;

    • Ball dress is one of the variants of ceremonial dresses. It is distinguished by expensive fabrics, draperies and decor. It may not have straps, but with have open shoulders and / or back. Such kind of dress requires appropriate decorations and hairstyles;

    • A long evening dress for a special occasion features, despite the classic cut, a variety of dressings, drapery, lacing and other elements. such models are often sewn without sleeves, with open shoulders or deep décolleté. And also it is recommended to wear jewelry necklace.

    • Long evening dresses are always in fashion. They can be silk or chiffon, made from satin or jacquard, with summer or warmer versions. The main thing is that you feel yourself in it as a confident glamourous woman;

    • Prom or princess dress, is about to be the first adult dress for special occasions. It is similar to the evening dress or the ball dress, but it has smaller number of ornaments and creates feeling ease and modesty, buy maxi dress;

    • Winter models of knitted dresses and cardigan dresses (pinafore) can be made of cashmere, wool, half-wool. A knitted dress with sleeves and various collars can be worn as an independent piece of clothing. You should wear shirt, blouse, sweater with pinafore, therefore such models don’t have any collar and sleeves;

    • The imperial dress, which came to us from France Bonaparte times, is distinguished by an overstated waist and a predominantly V-shaped neckline. Due to a free direct cut, it will perfectly hide the problem stomach and hips, visually lengthening the figure;

    • A kaftan-dress made in the free traditional caftan style, always have with sleeves, belt and V-neck;

    • An unusual culotte-dress with a skirt in the form of wide shorts or trousers and can be part of the business style look. maxi dresses for women

    Popular colors of long dresses

    Of course, the most common and classic options include colors such as: black, white, red, beige, blue and green.

    The red maxi gowns is very beautiful and stylish. It is great for a dinner party or Presidential levee. Don’t you still know where to buy the best designer’s maxi dress? Then we congratulate you! You have found this place! Our official website presents the best selection of maxi dresses for every taste. Ideal dresses - for ideal women. buy maxi dresses online



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