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    Dresses for wedding guests - advice on choosing

    Every girl invited to the wedding of a best friend or close friend before a celebration is extremely perplexed about choosing her outfit. Many of the fair sex are experiencing difficulties, not knowing which dresses are suitable for guests for the wedding: long, short, simple or pretentious? It is extremely important to take a responsible approach to choosing a dress for a solemn event, because it will often flash on professional wedding photos. Our official website presents unique dresses for wedding guests, which will please with their luxury and practicality. Do not waste time and call us to see for yourself!

    Wedding dress code for guests

    The dress code for the invited girls going to the wedding depends on many factors. These include the age of the fair sex, her position in society, the type of event, the place where the celebration will be held. An important role is played by the presence or absence of escort. If a woman is not coming alone, but with a young man, it is ideal if their costumes are combined in color and style. The dress code is determined by the degree of officiality of the event:

    • Unofficial. To this type of weddings are celebrations, which are brought to nature in the forest, in the tent, in inexpensive places. As a rule, the registration and the beginning of the banquet are scheduled for the first half of the day. A guest can dress festively, but not too pretentiously - do not pile high hairstyles, and even more so - wear dresses with lots of rhinestones, sequins, in the daylight this will attract too much attention. A most suitable outfit would be a light sarafan, pantsuit or suit with a skirt;

    • Semi-official. The event passes closer to the evening, it is festive, bright, but not too lush. Wedding dresses for the guest should be elegant, simple, neat and not provocative. In this case, as well as during an informal celebration, it is better to refrain from too bright makeup, an abundance of ornaments;

    • Official. If you were invited to a particularly solemn expensive wedding, the invitation certainly indicates a dress code: men - tuxedos, ties or butterflies, and long dresses for the wedding guest - women. Guests cannot deny themselves the pleasure - to put on their best jewelry, boast of a chic evening gown, embroidered beads, pearls and rhinestones.

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